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Another Poll

Hey all, since I had to shelf the novel I was working on for camp I decided that I would pull out As Death Tells It and I could use more help!  Through the rest of the month I will have a few more polls and surveys for helpful thoughts and ideas for this work in progress!  I am really excited for what it will become!  With all of your help I think it will be that much better!  Here is today’s poll, please fill in your own thoughts on article ideas, as I need more to keep writing!  I got such great ideas with what you thought of death so here we are again with more questions!



Yes, I have found my writing mojo again!  Camp is BACK ON!!!  Come on everyone, we can do this thing!!!

Up and Coming

I am currently working on several posts for my blog, but as my thoughts seem to be scattered on the breeze it is not coming easy.  Also, NaNoWriMo is fast approaching and I am working at settling on an idea and getting some outlines fleshed out for that as well.  As ML again this year I need to work hard to make the goal of 50k, something that has never been a problem for me in the past, but lately, the wind is too busy scattering my thoughts.

I have the ideas, just lack the ability to make sense of the words I am getting on the paper, so please bare with me as I work on multiple projects at once.  Also, since I am missing my usual writing partners it seems the drive to write has also gone on hiatus… *grins* no worries, I am sure that will come back in full force soon.


What of you?  Anyone else gearing up for NaNo?  Do you try to plan out some base ideas to help keep the ball rolling?  And do you ever feel like the words are there, you just can’t make sense of them?

Please, as always share your thoughts!  Also as a side note, if anyone is looking for writing partners, I am always looking for more like minded individuals for the online writing group, more on that in a future posting.



Everyone likes to be recognized for their achievements, and so I have to thank all my followers!!!  There is nothing more wonderful than to come to my blog and find I have over 200 followers!!!  I enjoy reading your comments, and seeing what it is you like, and reading your blogs, it is in the forming of communities we can grow and become more than we were.



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Shine On Award


I have the ever wonderful L. Marie over on El Space – The Blog of L. Marie to thank for my Shine On Award, and I am so honored and thrilled! This time around I even decided I would toss in the random seven facts about myself… so be ready for it! **grins**

My Birthday ~ 3/5/2013
  1. I love to dress in wildly outrageous outfits (that I can even pull off, yes people wait to see what I will be coming up with next!)
  2. I make custom costuming. (Making my patterns from scratch or heavily modifying clothes.)

    The outfits I created for my wife’s Steampunk themed 30th Golden Birthday Party! (I put all the pieces together, and modified her jacket)
  3. I don’t really like chocolate all that much, sure a little here and there is alright, but I do not seek it out special.
  4. I can’t read pictures! Ya know, graphic novels, comics, ect. I know, some people find this deeply troubling or even sad, but… while I am good with art, the skill of reading pictures eludes me.
  5. I got married on 11/11/11 *grins* and I DID choose the date on purpose and had a Renaissance wedding! (my wife would prolly wanna get remarried now that it is going to be officially legal in MN!)
  6. I am the oldest of 8 and the youngest of 4 siblings (I am adopted, was adopted at age 7, so yes people it is possible. *grins* Not to mention we were a blended family!)
  7. I can read extremely fast (upwards of 100 pages an hour) and so devour books faster than I can buy them, and as such I reread the many books in my home library (of which I have well over 700!)

    Our Wedding outfits (mostly I bought them, didn't have time to sew and do the rest of the wedding!)
    Our Wedding outfits (mostly I bought them, didn’t have time to sew and do the rest of the wedding!)
  8. BONUS FACT: I HAVE been to Europe. I got to see Stonehenge (a lifelong dream) and many other places around London, Windsor Castle, Bath (the Roman Baths) and then Munich Germany, Dachau (which was a terribly hard place to visit), along with Neuschwanstein Castle (which I thought my legs were going to fall off and I was going to die, by the time I reached the TOP!!! and I am IN SHAPE!!! This is the castle that inspired the Disney Castle)

    Yes, that is me in front of Stonehenge!!!




The amazing blogs I nominate are:

  • Amber Forbes ~ for her inspiring posts and marvelous way of writing.
  • Creative Mysteries ~ creative and wonderful blog and thoughtful comments.
  • Excerpts From Nonexistent Books ~ just for all the fun I have reading here most days!
  • Aspiringwriter22 ~ creative, fun and a bit snarky, just the way I like it!!!  Her posts are always great!
  • The Read Room ~ for the funny and helpful posts!
  • Dreamland’s Insurgents ~ my incredible, witty and sometimes pain-in-the-butt writing partner in crime!!! **falls over giggling** (yeah, yeah, Dreamland, I know, I will pay for that in our weekly letters! **grins** but I have to say it is worth it!!!)
  • El Space ~ you don’t have to share it again, but your comments are always thoughtful and encouraging!  So you deserve it!!!!
  • There are prolly a bunch more I am missing, as I follow many INCREDIBLE blogs!!!  Each and every one has inspired me in some way or another!!!  These are just a few of my favorites.



Please do go and check out these other great blogs!!!

Letters of Questioning: A Teaser

So… an idea was born! I have to say, working on a collaborative project really just intrigued me. And since I have such a wonderful writing partner I have managed to talk him into something GRAND!!! Starting tomorrow we will be working on a deep and philosophical endeavor! Every Friday from now on I will be corresponding with Dreamland’s Insurgents. We will hyperlink our responses back and forth, so please remember if you enjoy the letters on one end, go and check out their response!

Please stay tuned to learn more, but I will say… it is going to be incredibly great! (if I do say so myself)

A Big Thank You



So, today I want to take a moment to thank you, my readers.  When I created this blog it was with the intentions of sharing some of my writing, and my views on writing.  I have come a long way from that start, changing my views on this little place on the interwebs that is mine.  I started sharing more of who I am and my personal journey with writing.



All of this because of you, my readers!  As of today I am officially over 100 followers, and I have only you to thank.  Thank you for the follows, the awards, the thoughts, the comments and taking a bit of time out of your day to check in to my blog!



Here is to the future!  To inspiring others, sharing in the dream and the journey!  May you all find a little bit of inspiration here and share it with someone else!

Guest Blogger: Dreamland’s Insurgents

So, the post I have been waiting for all week!  I am super excited to share with you my first ever guest blogger and writing partner in crime Dreamland’s Insurgents.  This is the first in many collaborations between us I do so hope!  But more on that later.  Here is my interview question that I asked him and his beautifully worded response.


“How Do You View Writing” and share a “glimpse” of your writing process.”

Although I’ve been writing since I was a wee lad, composing fantasy novels on the bus in middle school, it wasn’t until college that I became aware of the process. started thinking about composition, themes, characters, you know, the elements. I wasn’t aware of what I was doing or where it came from, or the effects it had on the writer. It’s not even that I was writing for myself, though, I definitely was writing with the hopes that it would be read. But it was really immature, or rather unripe, like the first few harvests of grapes. You don’t make wine with grapes from young vines. You can’t just crush them up and put them in a bottle, either. You have to have experience, you have to have a process.

A couple of reading/ “philosophical” sources came together in my mind to make sense of the writing process. The first was John Gardner’s The Art of Fiction. He was the author of the infamous Grendal, a novel told from the perspective of the villain from the old-English epic Beowulf. Gardner was not only a skilled writer, but a passionate believer in his craft. In The Art of Fiction he calls writing “vivid and continuous dream.” When I read that, it spoke to me. It called my attention to the fact that when I wrote, even more so than when I read, I was absorbed in the story. I don’t think there’s been any neuroscience done on writers during their process but I actually suspect if writers were hooked up to neuro-scanners (whatever you call em) during the writing process we’d see the same parts of the brain firing up that we see in people who are dreaming at night.
The second source that brought my attention to the craft in a good way was Neil Gaiman’s Sandman graphic novels. Many writers and readers are familiar with these incredibly well-written stories. The main character is Morpheus, king of dreams. His story, a classic hero-quest, weaves through tales of Shakespeare and other writers and artists. Dreams in The Sandman are an integral part of stories, and both work to keep humanity sane and in a state of constant wonder. The sanity and the wonder are the same. There’s no distinction between the dreams we have at night and the dreams that are our hopes and plans. They’re all stories.
If people don’t sleep, they go crazy, just like if they feel hopeless, feel no purpose, they sink into despair. It’s a matter of dreams, which is to say, it’s a matter of stories. When you write, when you daydream about the future or other people or places, you’re telling yourself a story, whether it’s conscious or unconscious. It’s the storytelling mechanism of your brain.
So that’s how I view writing – dreaming, simply and profound (like any good truth). The process is much the same. If you’re not conscious of your process, writing can be as disjointed and difficult to follow as any fever-dream. If you’re aware of what you’re doing without disturbing the dream’s manifestation, you’ve got a lucid dream, and if you can put that on paper, you’ve got writing.
My process is still developing from this point. Before college, I “just wrote,” and it was easy, every time I sat down I wrote. Fantasy novels, for the most part – one in middle school, one in high school. Nothing you could call “good” by any stretch of the imagination. A lot of borrowed material. What was original was still very much governed by the morals, values, assumptions, etc. of our culture in general. You know, with movies and mass media, even books (and ebooks I think might make this worse), they stand in for our dreams, they make us dream according to the agenda of our society. I won’t go into my antagonism towards those consumer-dreams, but I think that’s there.
It took me a long time to begin feeling confidence in my own dreams. Or even longer to feel interest in other people’s dreams, which might be of equal or even greater importance. As a writer you have to be able to believe other people’s dreams – you understand people better, you can feel greater empathy, you can write more diverse characters. But in order to trust in that, I had to make a break with so-called “reality,” the shared reality dominated by money, and feel the microcosm of dreams in myself and others.
So when I sit down to write, I have to have an image, or a personality, or a setting – I have to feel it, I have to have a desire for it. A desire of it. A desire in it. I have to have enough to suspend my belief for *this* reality and immerse myself in *that* reality. It’s like self-enchantment. I need to put myself in a trance. That other reality sort of channels into and through me onto the paper, where I can tell someone else’s story. It doesn’t matter if that someone else is a 30-year-old male writer (ostensibly myself) or someone wildly different: an orc living in a swamp, a 22-year-old clone in the year 2050, a plastic bag blowing down the street. I have the potential to be anyone or anything – my presumptions about reality show through anywhere, but anything is potentially up for grabs.
My biggest challenge in writing is not losing the dream. Staying immersed, not letting myself get off track. Worse, few non-writers seem to understand the value of this trance, as members of tribes long ago knew not to disturb the trance of their local shaman. For a really great instance of this trance being broken, look at the poet Coleridge, who wrote maybe the best poem in English, “Kubla Khan,” as the result of a dream. 54 lines long, it was intended to be 200-300 when he first woke up, but he was interrupted by “a person on business from Porlock.” To hell with anyone “on business”! Business is the anathema of dreams, and now business has the ability to interfere not only at our door, but from phones, texts, television, computers, “alerts” of a million kinds. 90% of my writing process is just fending off business and all its mindsets.
I used to revise as I went, but I think “revision” is its own kind of business. Now I try to leave it for the end. Often, to resume the trance (because who can write a novel in one sitting? no one who wants to eat), I will go back and read what I’ve written, and now more often than not the reading itself will start the trance back up. I will experience the reality of the story again, and resume writing. Sometimes I’ll pick at the language and make small changes as I go, but it usually serves to put myself back inside the narration. The trance we right isn’t necessarily the spell we need to cast for a reader to participate, just like the dream we experience at night can never be the dream we tell our friends in the morning. We need to translate, too, but translation is a sort of work, a sort of business, the business of putting the dream on the page in a state where another reader can be put under its spell.
Thank you so very much Dreamland’s Insurgents for taking the time to share a bit of your views on writing and your process!
Well everyone, what about you?  What do you think of his ideas?  How are yours the same?  Or different?

An Apostrophe!!!


Today I wasn’t feeling overly creative. All my major apostrophes were leaving me empty. (Anyone who has see Hook, knows all about apostrophes *grins*) Then it came to me, the perfect idea… delegating out the job. But that just wouldn’t be right! So, how about coercion? *grins* Making someone join me, with a glimpse of how we both see writing, and how different writers can be, and still yet so much alike!

Well since this takes more planning than just saying “hey, lets do a blog post together!” I am excited to say later this week I will have an amazing post from one of my personal writing partners in this journey of writerly insanity! Look forward to that coming up, maybe before that I will have to jump in with my own answer to a very basic writing question I left him with as my only “interview” question.

Hope this day finds you full of apostrophe’s of your very own! What is it you do when you just don’t feel that writerly inspiration striking you? When you just don’t “feel” like working on your goals? What do you do to motivate yourself and make it fun?

Critiquing the Journey


This writing journey often involves others. I have to admit one of my favorite parts is reading the work of another and sharing in that joy of discovery! Not only of the creative way their mind works, but also of how I interpret that!

Writing to me is a process, a journey, and an important part of that is the sharing with other writers! That fellow communion of exchanging our writing is what makes us grow, see new ideas and create new ideals.
Without that exchange we would remain stagnant. Never changing. Never growing. What then would the purpose be?
writerstryingtobeoneThere is so much to be learned in the work of another. In the sharing of ideas. In seeing how another works. More than just in how they write, but in how they review what you have written! I think we get just as much out of how they see our works, how we see their works, and how we evaluate it. The doing of all of this makes us, or should make us, look at our own work differently. Through the lens of their mind.
And that too me is really what the journey is about. Looking at the world through a different lens. Sharing and growing on this wild ride we call life.
I should take a moment to say… critiquing to me is not about the grammar, the structure or even the idea… it is an expansion of the mind! It is the realization of what works and how something works. It is deeper than the surface, and if surface is all you are getting, then you have not yet dug deep enough.



What about you? What does the community of writing mean for you? How do you see the sharing of work with a peer? With a friend or family member that you have braved the sharing of your precious baby that means so much to you?

Why NaNoWriMo, You May Ask?

I post a lot about my journey with NaNo on my blog and decided some may be wondering Why NaNo? So here it is…


camp_nano_logoIn a nutshell, NaNo and Camp NaNo represent an idea! A dream as it were. The belief in being able to create something in a month, to take the time to devote yourself to actually writing that novel you have always talked about, but never seem to have the time for. For me, there is a real joy in working to accomplish that idea of 50k in a month, and to do so with so many others believing and trying to manage the same thing!

Some would consider writing a solitary thing, but I do not. Writing is very much a group journey. Our writing is inspired by the things and people and places around us. It is shared with others almost every step of the way in some form. By having a friend read it, to sharing our word counts, to just sharing that we are writing. It is something to be excited and share, and who better to share that with than fellow writers, working towards the same goal?!?
You can not write without living, I read that somewhere and I fully believe it! We write our experiences, we write the things we see and hear, we write life! NaNo is just an extension of that! It is a challenge, an ideal, a journey, a dream! So, find your courage, take the leap and join me in this journey! Accept the challenge before you and see where it leads!
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