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Current Projects

So much has been going on, it seems I never have time to fit everything in! NaNo of course finished smoothly, and after that it was a rush on finishing my homemade Yuletide gifts. Which I thankfully finished on time! They were ALL a hit! Loved and used, the best kind of gifts! After that, it was almost like I had too much time on my hands, just because I had been hurrying too fast.  With the New Year upon us, well, I decided that I needed to make some changes in my life (more on that in upcoming posts) and started two rather drastic projects.

My Bedroom



The first project I started is a total cleansing of my home. I don’t mean just cleaning it, but I mean a detailed, go through every item type cleansing. I have already gotten through one full room and three closets. It is slow going, but I am loving the progress thus far! Not only have I been going through everything, and culling like a crazy person, but I have also been washing floors, walls, windows and anything else I can think of. It is an all around fresh start!




The other project is one that I am very excited about! It is a special Blog Planner, tailored to me! I set it up so that I can get back to my daily blogging, and have added everything I could think of so far. With a bit of use we will see how well it works, but I rather like it!


Well folks, that about sums up the craziness of my life lately, I am looking to be back! Life can get crazy from time to time, but I will find a way to conquer!!! What about you? Any big projects for the new year? How is 2014 treating you?