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Inspiration Struck

Alright, so I totally had a different topic planned for today, but I wanted to share with you this bit of inspiration I had the other day.  You see, I have been really busy! Like… gone every day for a month now, busy.  So with that has been a lot of time spent in the car driving, which of course gives one too much time to think.  I had this major apostrophe!

So here it is, I write songs every once in a while and I had been thinking, how cool would it be to make a soundtrack for Mo Thuras, right?  Well… then after I am home I hop in the shower, why does the best ideas always happen in the shower where we can’t write them down?!?, and had this amazing tune, and the chorus to Melody’s life story pop in my head!

So, just to share with you, here is a little bit of the song that I created Sunday night.

Don’t forget to tell me what you think!  How about you? Do you ever dabble in other mediums?  Do you have creative ideas to go along with your writing?  Would you be interested if your favorite books had soundtracks of music written just for them?


Finding Inspiration: New Writing Tools

fountainpenopenSo I am finally finding my inner inspiration once more. Working hard on writing, and pursuing my dreams. That said, something that always inspires me is new writing tools! I mean, who doesn’t love a new notebook or pen!  Recently I tried a fountain pen for the first time ever and I have to say, I am in LOVE!  They are amazing… (when they work right) and nothing flows over the page as smoothly!  I received this little beauty from a great writerly friend, who is one of my best friends!

fountainpenwithgearOh, abut that little side note, yes I am having a bit of trouble with my beautiful new pen, but in part I think it comes from not knowing a thing about them!  So I will be doing some research into fountain pens in the very near future.  I did a little digging today and learned that the tips are just suppose to get better with time, and they “learn” your writing style, so you should never borrow out your fountain pen!

Also, because it is too beautiful not to share, here is an amazing dip pen I had received from my wife!


What inspires you? Do you love new writing tools? What about fountain pens, have you ever tried them?  What do you really enjoy?

Surviving NaNo

Today is the first day of NaNo 2014!  I hope you have your novels prepped, and your word count already creeping up!  I am sitting at around 2k right now, and hope to get at least a thousand more before bed.  That said I figured I would share a few thoughts on making it out the other side, with your completed 50k!

First things first, have some ideas for your story.  Now, I am not saying you need to have this beautifully laid out plot, oh no! I am just saying, have some possibilities lined up.  I am a pantser all the way, and I never know what why my story is going to turn, but I do lay out some possibilities as I get started to help the words keep flowing.

Keep going and don’t look back!  Do I mean you shouldn’t look at what you have already done at all? No, but it is best if you look at it as little as possible to keep that inner editor locked up.  With that in mind, remember not to erase words, use strike-through, or have a different area to keep the words you no longer want to use.  You don’t want to loose hard earned word counts!

Heap the words on at the front end!  Sure you may think you have a whole month, but things come up, not to mention Thanksgiving floating around towards the end of the month.  Take time in the beginning while you are still excited to hammer away at more words.  Not only will it build the excitement that much more, but you will find yourself less stressed about the challenge and more apt to win!


Well, there you have a few things I try to use to make my way through NaNo.  What about you?  What are your tips and tricks for making it through NaNo and coming out the other side?!?  Please share!

Hey All

Well, I can’t believe how quickly this summer is just flying by!  Camp NaNo finished up, and I managed to hit my goal, after many ups and downs.   I know that I didn’t manage to get my personal goal accomplished, Vampyres Prophecy is not sitting where I had Mo Thuras, but it is much closer so I will consider that a win!

I have been taking some marvelous workshops over the past couple of months and I am very excited about them!  My original goal when I went into them was learning some new skills and maybe learning how to get somewhere with my art, my writing.  Now that they are drawing to a close I have a whole new plan, a new idea!  I am very excited  to have learned not only some new skills, but that I can utilize my current skills to help other artists!  I am looking into helping people organize not only their day to day life, but their state of being through sets of creative art I am currently making.  It is a challenge to make something that has never been made before, but I am enjoying every second of it!

I hope to bring you along for the journey as well!  Maybe soon I will even have a few more little surveys to see what you think should be included in this new series of art I am creating.

How is your summer going? Are you finding it flying by?  What has consumed you this summer?

A bit of Inspiration

So, I have managed to fall a few days behind on my writing, but today that is not what I want to share with you.  Instead, I want to share my day’s distraction.  A video that speaks to the deepest parts of our selves.

This is a big part of why I write in the New Adult genre.  The exploration of identity, of why we are who we are, of trying despite the odds stacked against us… it is powerful!


What do you think?  What goes through your mind when watching this video?  What emotions does it evoke?

A Fellow Artist



Hey all, today I want to take a moment to direct your attention to an amazing artist friend of mine.  She does some incredible things with wool!  Take a few moments and head on over and check out her stuff at Lil Fish Studios.  Her art inspires me every time I look at it!


What about you?  Who are your friends?  What do they do?  Do they inspire you?

Working Hard

I have been hard at work lately!  On what you may ask, well that, my friend, is a marvelous question!  I hinted about the workshops that I am attending and all the writerly things I have going on in my life lately.  Those workshops, and of course all of the writerly goodness, have inspired me to really take stock of my life, and make goals of where I want it to go!  And more than that, to actually take steps to make it happen!

The workshops are a series by Springboard for the Arts called Work of Art:  Business Skills for Artists.  I have only been to one, which was Career Planning for Artists, but it has truly inspired me to plan in more areas of my life than just business!

vampprophstoryboardI am also hard at work on my outline for Vampyres Prophecy, and I think… I hope… I am getting somewhere on that!  Camp NaNo is right around the corner!


Where are you sitting right now?  Are you ready for camp?  Have you been learning anything new this summer?  Have you been getting out there, getting involved in your community?

The Only Way

Today, when I sat down at my computer to write I was looking for some kind, any kind, of inspiration to hit and my desktop just happened to have this quote up:


Of course I no sooner thought, what a perfect thought to write on when it disappeared while I was opening my writing program. So I pulled it up and stumbled upon this thought as well:



So anyway, it really hit home. No matter how big my dreams are, no matter what my goals in life are, unless I am doing that simple little thing, unless I am writing, nothing will ever come of it! It doesn’t have to be what I see in my mind, it doesn’t even have to be perfect, it just has to happen. How ever that works for me! Not how it works for all the other writers I read about on the interwebs, not how it works for my bestie, not even how it works for the best sellers! I just have to take some chances, believe in my ability, trust that if I actually do it, anything is possible! Anything can come of it.


What thoughts do these quotes inspire in you?  Please share your thoughts, on the quotes, what I have said, whatever inspires you as you read and view!

~Pics are courtesy of the interwebs~

Inspiration: Picture ‘N Poem

Reflection ~ Lunasa Photography

On The Water

The last light of day,
the first rays of dawn,
show the rivers of flame
dancing on the waters!
Tempting you deeper,
Look inside
bathe your soul and heart,
find your desire!
Fulfilled by a promise,
the elements merge
Guiding you onward,
cleansing your spirit!
By: White Raven, 9.23.2013

A special thank you to Lunasa Photography for the use of her inspiring image!  Please, take a moment to click the photo and check out many other wonderful works by Lunasa Photography!

Share your thoughts and feelings inspired by this beautiful image, or even the poem.  Or better yet, share a bit of writing of your own inspired by the picture!

A Look at Some Vocabulary

I have been struggling lately to really be able to write. I have taken some time for introspection and while doing so have really focused on my dreams and goals in life. With that in mind I thought it a perfect thing to post about.
So today I am going to focus on some meanings of a few words that everyone looks at a little differently, feels a little differently about, and yet everyone uses.

First lets start with Inspire.
The dictionary tells us that Inspire is:


When I hear the word Inspire, or find something inspiring it is more than that. It encompasses an emotion that floods through me. To me, it is more of an emotion itself! I often share things on my blog that I find inspiring in the hopes that others can be flooded with this feeling…

Now let us turn our minds to Encourage. A word that could be considered very similar to Inspire.
The dictionary shares the word Encourage to be:


To Encourage is such a selfless act in my mind. It is to help another reach towards something that they desire in some manner or another. I would like to think that I encourage others from time to time with my perseverance.

Lastly I am looking at the word Goals. Now I am not talking about something you shoot for in Soccer, no I mean what we work towards in our lives.
The dictionary sums this one up pretty good:


Goals, something we work towards. Struggling ever onward. Sometimes we give them up only to find new ones. (Hmm, that may become a new post in and of itself…) I find goals goes hand in hand with dreams. They are not the same mind you, but yet they can be exchanged for one another. Dreams can become and be goals, but goals can not be dreams as they are more tangible, something we are actually moving towards.


What about you?  Have you ever taken a closer look at these words?  What they really mean to you as an individual?  Take a moment and share with me, I would love to hear what they say to you!