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NaNoWriMo: Time to Prep!

nanowrimo_2016_webbadge_municipalliaisonI can’t believe it is that time of year once again!  Time to pull up a chair, grab that cuppa tea and plan for NaNo!  Being an ML, I have a lot of planning ahead of me.  Not only do I need to get that novel pulled together, hmmm whatever am I going to write this year?!?  I also have to plan some great Write-In’s, a Kick-Off party, and a TGIO party.  And of course be ready for any questions and encouragements along the way!

I am gearing up, it is such an exciting time!  But oh dear, oh dear, I just don’t know what to write this year!  So many great ideas, so little time!  Tell me, are you going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year?  What are you going to work on?!?  Hit me up!


Keeping Goals

I find it funny how life can get so off track.  How, when we struggle through as best we can, setting goals, trying to maintain, that one little slip off the tight rope and we never seem to jump back on!

nano_14_ml_badge_300pxNaNoWriMo has just gotten rolling and I am already slipping behind, after my amazingly great start the first day.  I often ponder why I always seem to be slipping, falling behind on my goals and dreams.  Question if they are really important to me, or if I am just afraid.  That is one of the biggest reasons I participate in NaNo every year, and why I chose to become an ML.  It gives me a responsibility.  To help encourage others to write, and to meet the goal myself.  I have always loved a challenge, and NaNo gives me a great one every year!

I keep pushing through, with all the things that seem to crop up in my life to try to kick me off track.  This year, it was my mom getting breast cancer.  Thankfully it was so early that she wont even have to go through chemo, but it has left me feeling decidedly unmotivated to write.  I know that writing will get me through, and I will persevere!  But it is slow going…


What about you?  Do you face challenges that push you from your goals?  Allow fears to slow you down?  What gets you back up and pushing onward?