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Reflection of a Writer

mugshot1Writing is one of the best forms of therapy out there, I believe.  That said, I really and truly believe that what we write reflects a story of ourselves as writers.  There are things that can be learned about us, if one were to want to look at the things we write.  How characters relate, the things they yearn for, and the things they run from.  I think that is part of the appeal to writing for me.  That little bit of sharing or maybe I should say baring of the soul!

Deep down, I think that is part of the challenge of writing.  Not so much the sharing, but the facing things that reflect me through the veil of someone else.  There is a safety in it, but when you can’t lie to yourself, when life makes you see through things, it actually can make it that much harder.  Facing ourselves through our characters, becoming someone new, transformation… These are all reasons I love to write, and I think fear it at the same time.


What about you? What kind of reflections do you see when you write?  What is the challenging part of writing to you?  Who do you see in your characters?  In their challenges?

Hey All

Well, I can’t believe how quickly this summer is just flying by!  Camp NaNo finished up, and I managed to hit my goal, after many ups and downs.   I know that I didn’t manage to get my personal goal accomplished, Vampyres Prophecy is not sitting where I had Mo Thuras, but it is much closer so I will consider that a win!

I have been taking some marvelous workshops over the past couple of months and I am very excited about them!  My original goal when I went into them was learning some new skills and maybe learning how to get somewhere with my art, my writing.  Now that they are drawing to a close I have a whole new plan, a new idea!  I am very excited  to have learned not only some new skills, but that I can utilize my current skills to help other artists!  I am looking into helping people organize not only their day to day life, but their state of being through sets of creative art I am currently making.  It is a challenge to make something that has never been made before, but I am enjoying every second of it!

I hope to bring you along for the journey as well!  Maybe soon I will even have a few more little surveys to see what you think should be included in this new series of art I am creating.

How is your summer going? Are you finding it flying by?  What has consumed you this summer?

A Fellow Artist



Hey all, today I want to take a moment to direct your attention to an amazing artist friend of mine.  She does some incredible things with wool!  Take a few moments and head on over and check out her stuff at Lil Fish Studios.  Her art inspires me every time I look at it!


What about you?  Who are your friends?  What do they do?  Do they inspire you?

All My Best Intentions



Well ya know… what can I say?!?  *grins*

But on the bright side I did win Camp NaNo back in April!

I have been hard at work on several different projects, as usual, and have even been making some small shifts in my blog.  Because while I write a ton and am focused on getting published, there is just so much more to me than that and I am feeling a little limited!

With that said, I have been taking some more online classes, and been working out on my garden.  Trying to get it ready so I can get some vegetables in the ground.  I have also been working on healthy living.  Things like being green, and homeopathic and do it yourself lifestyles.


After all of that, what do you think?  Would you enjoy seeing more on my blog than just my writing journey?  Would you like to see some other thoughts and musings from my life?  I look forward to hearing from you!

Another Poll

Hey all, since I had to shelf the novel I was working on for camp I decided that I would pull out As Death Tells It and I could use more help!  Through the rest of the month I will have a few more polls and surveys for helpful thoughts and ideas for this work in progress!  I am really excited for what it will become!  With all of your help I think it will be that much better!  Here is today’s poll, please fill in your own thoughts on article ideas, as I need more to keep writing!  I got such great ideas with what you thought of death so here we are again with more questions!



Yes, I have found my writing mojo again!  Camp is BACK ON!!!  Come on everyone, we can do this thing!!!

Reflection, 2014 My Year!

It is the beginning of a new year, and I think it is common for people to look back and reflect. On the past year, their life and then to look forward, where this year is heading and where we want our lives to go. I will warn you, I might just get a little personal in this one *smiles* but it is all to looking forward. This is the beginning of what I am planning for a two day posting, just because I wanted to break things up a little.

To set you off, I have to of course look back. This time last year I thought that 2013 was going to be my year. My wife had recently died and I was free. Of the responsibilities of a 24/7 caregiver to a cancer patient, my relationship (not that it was bad mind you, but 5 years caring for another individual when you are in your mid twenties was not what I was planning for my life), of everything.

It was a fresh start so to speak. What I didn’t take into consideration, and I really should have, was how long it would take me to recover. Burnout is a serious thing for caregivers, especially for ones who have been doing it as long as I had. Not to mention, I lost my partner, my best friend. I had been mourning that loss before she died, and I was ready for it, that does not mean it just goes away. I didn’t think of any of these things.

All of that said, last year was not what I had planned. Not to say it didn’t have it’s moments, because it truly did. Last year I wrote one of the best pieces of my life! That story is well on its way to becoming my first novel, and I am still working on that! Not to mention, and this took some hard soul searching on my part, meeting a new partner.

I of course had turmoil over that as well. I was only six months from the loss of my wife, I knew I was still grieving. In my mind it wasn’t fair of me to pull someone else through that with me. Yeah, I know, not my decision to make, and of course I obviously saw the light as we are together now *grins*.

That all leads to now. My house, which in so many ways to me reflected my life, full of chaos, I am working on pulling together. A new year, a new relationship, working towards a fully clean house, overall a fresh start! Something I have needed for a long time. What all this means is I am looking at a new approach. I don’t make resolutions, I think they are silly. No one sticks to them, they fall to the wayside, but I like to make life goals and that is what I am doing. In my life, in my blog, creating and drafting a new me so to speak. This year, 2014, this year will be my year!

What about you? Do you take the new year to look at your life? Take stock in where you are and where you have been? Make goals or resolutions? Sharing is what helps us all stick to our goals, and I would love to hear yours!

Current Projects

So much has been going on, it seems I never have time to fit everything in! NaNo of course finished smoothly, and after that it was a rush on finishing my homemade Yuletide gifts. Which I thankfully finished on time! They were ALL a hit! Loved and used, the best kind of gifts! After that, it was almost like I had too much time on my hands, just because I had been hurrying too fast.  With the New Year upon us, well, I decided that I needed to make some changes in my life (more on that in upcoming posts) and started two rather drastic projects.

My Bedroom



The first project I started is a total cleansing of my home. I don’t mean just cleaning it, but I mean a detailed, go through every item type cleansing. I have already gotten through one full room and three closets. It is slow going, but I am loving the progress thus far! Not only have I been going through everything, and culling like a crazy person, but I have also been washing floors, walls, windows and anything else I can think of. It is an all around fresh start!




The other project is one that I am very excited about! It is a special Blog Planner, tailored to me! I set it up so that I can get back to my daily blogging, and have added everything I could think of so far. With a bit of use we will see how well it works, but I rather like it!


Well folks, that about sums up the craziness of my life lately, I am looking to be back! Life can get crazy from time to time, but I will find a way to conquer!!! What about you? Any big projects for the new year? How is 2014 treating you?

A Look at Some Vocabulary

I have been struggling lately to really be able to write. I have taken some time for introspection and while doing so have really focused on my dreams and goals in life. With that in mind I thought it a perfect thing to post about.
So today I am going to focus on some meanings of a few words that everyone looks at a little differently, feels a little differently about, and yet everyone uses.

First lets start with Inspire.
The dictionary tells us that Inspire is:


When I hear the word Inspire, or find something inspiring it is more than that. It encompasses an emotion that floods through me. To me, it is more of an emotion itself! I often share things on my blog that I find inspiring in the hopes that others can be flooded with this feeling…

Now let us turn our minds to Encourage. A word that could be considered very similar to Inspire.
The dictionary shares the word Encourage to be:


To Encourage is such a selfless act in my mind. It is to help another reach towards something that they desire in some manner or another. I would like to think that I encourage others from time to time with my perseverance.

Lastly I am looking at the word Goals. Now I am not talking about something you shoot for in Soccer, no I mean what we work towards in our lives.
The dictionary sums this one up pretty good:


Goals, something we work towards. Struggling ever onward. Sometimes we give them up only to find new ones. (Hmm, that may become a new post in and of itself…) I find goals goes hand in hand with dreams. They are not the same mind you, but yet they can be exchanged for one another. Dreams can become and be goals, but goals can not be dreams as they are more tangible, something we are actually moving towards.


What about you?  Have you ever taken a closer look at these words?  What they really mean to you as an individual?  Take a moment and share with me, I would love to hear what they say to you!

WIP Update 4-2: So close I can taste it

So, I am so close to finishing Mo Thuras I can taste it.  I want to say the Outline/draft is finished, but that would be “cheating” even for me. *grins* So in the meantime I read a fun idea over on Legends of Windemere, and thought I would enjoy something similar.  So, here is another sneak peak inside the workings of Mo Thuras.  Enjoy.

600_fantasy-woman-017Melody’s Top Five Countdown

  1. To find out her past
  2. To figure out who she is
  3. Exploring the galaxy
  4. Create her own family
  5. Learn her culture

Kyi’s Top Five

  1. To be free
  2. Find his heartmate
  3. To live  happily
  4. Make a new home
  5. Find a place he belongs

To have a sneak peak into some more of my inspiration for my story, here is the current pinterest board I am using! That gets updated as I find different ideas fitting for my story.



What about you? What do you use as you write to “see” your characters/places/things? Do you utilize Pinterest in your writing? Do you print and create a “storyboard”? What motivates your characters most?

Weekly Inspiration: Neil Gaiman

I don’t know about you… but one of my favorite authors, one who really touches me and inspires me as an individual is Neil Gaiman.  I think because to me, he is real.  So many of the writers we know and love… they are “out of reach” whereas, he doesn’t seem to be.  He ‘gets involved’.   So today I want to share with you a video, one where he is talking to a graduating class.  It is a little longer than my usual, but I hope you enjoy!


So?  What did you think?  Did his words inspire you?  What touched your heart and mind this week?  If you were to share something most inspiring to you, what would it be?