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Letters from Camp: One Day, at NaNo Camp…


First a quick update… I have to say I sadly did not manage my 5k day, but I did manage over 1k!  So that is something, there is still hope! I know that I can do it! Maybe tomorrow I will hammer out enough to get more caught up!  Now, here is an idea that was tossed at me, and this is my attempt. I know that there could be more, and that this can become “something” so let me have it!

camp_nano_logoThis one time at NaNo camp, there was this inappropriate comma! And don’t get me started on the ellipses, stuck where one should never go. The fragments that leave you hanging! Feeling oh so unfulfilled! Or the sentences that seem to go on and on and on and on. The repetition, same words, phrases, and the like, abusing our minds in a manner most unbecoming!  And what is with that exclamation point, or is it mark… really, why can’t it stick with the point!  I have ta say… really and truly, why can one never get what should be where?!?

I have a few ideas for adding in the dash, question mark, colon, those could all be added, and I would like to think up a few more different grammatical type things.  Maybe even create a second little story! What do you think?!?  What more does it need? What would you want to see in there?

Reflection of a Writer

mugshot1Writing is one of the best forms of therapy out there, I believe.  That said, I really and truly believe that what we write reflects a story of ourselves as writers.  There are things that can be learned about us, if one were to want to look at the things we write.  How characters relate, the things they yearn for, and the things they run from.  I think that is part of the appeal to writing for me.  That little bit of sharing or maybe I should say baring of the soul!

Deep down, I think that is part of the challenge of writing.  Not so much the sharing, but the facing things that reflect me through the veil of someone else.  There is a safety in it, but when you can’t lie to yourself, when life makes you see through things, it actually can make it that much harder.  Facing ourselves through our characters, becoming someone new, transformation… These are all reasons I love to write, and I think fear it at the same time.


What about you? What kind of reflections do you see when you write?  What is the challenging part of writing to you?  Who do you see in your characters?  In their challenges?

Hey All

Well, I can’t believe how quickly this summer is just flying by!  Camp NaNo finished up, and I managed to hit my goal, after many ups and downs.   I know that I didn’t manage to get my personal goal accomplished, Vampyres Prophecy is not sitting where I had Mo Thuras, but it is much closer so I will consider that a win!

I have been taking some marvelous workshops over the past couple of months and I am very excited about them!  My original goal when I went into them was learning some new skills and maybe learning how to get somewhere with my art, my writing.  Now that they are drawing to a close I have a whole new plan, a new idea!  I am very excited  to have learned not only some new skills, but that I can utilize my current skills to help other artists!  I am looking into helping people organize not only their day to day life, but their state of being through sets of creative art I am currently making.  It is a challenge to make something that has never been made before, but I am enjoying every second of it!

I hope to bring you along for the journey as well!  Maybe soon I will even have a few more little surveys to see what you think should be included in this new series of art I am creating.

How is your summer going? Are you finding it flying by?  What has consumed you this summer?

Slipping By


Have you ever found life just slipping by? Sometimes it feels like a crazy rush and even out of grasp. Today I took the time to update my calendar. A much needed activity, and while doing so, I find that I have slipped on my writing a bit. While I have added a lot more writing to my life, I have not been doing the actual writing! Isn’t it funny how that can work?

So I have officially gotten Writing Posse up on Meetups and we have even had our first event! It was great! So in the updating of my calendar I learned that I now have “writing events” every week except one a month! I celebrate in this! It means that I am finally making that “writing hobby” something more.

My ever busy and crazy, hectic life is finally starting to have a bit of a routine! Maybe now I can even keep up with my blog once more! I am hoping that along with this, I can start working in my garden, growing some veggies and herbs. Maybe even look at moving my life in some kind of direction even!


I hope that life is treating everyone well, and that if it is slipping you by, you reach out with both hands and grab on! Enjoy the ride! Life is a journey! Where is yours going this summer?

All My Best Intentions



Well ya know… what can I say?!?  *grins*

But on the bright side I did win Camp NaNo back in April!

I have been hard at work on several different projects, as usual, and have even been making some small shifts in my blog.  Because while I write a ton and am focused on getting published, there is just so much more to me than that and I am feeling a little limited!

With that said, I have been taking some more online classes, and been working out on my garden.  Trying to get it ready so I can get some vegetables in the ground.  I have also been working on healthy living.  Things like being green, and homeopathic and do it yourself lifestyles.


After all of that, what do you think?  Would you enjoy seeing more on my blog than just my writing journey?  Would you like to see some other thoughts and musings from my life?  I look forward to hearing from you!

Another Poll

Hey all, since I had to shelf the novel I was working on for camp I decided that I would pull out As Death Tells It and I could use more help!  Through the rest of the month I will have a few more polls and surveys for helpful thoughts and ideas for this work in progress!  I am really excited for what it will become!  With all of your help I think it will be that much better!  Here is today’s poll, please fill in your own thoughts on article ideas, as I need more to keep writing!  I got such great ideas with what you thought of death so here we are again with more questions!



Yes, I have found my writing mojo again!  Camp is BACK ON!!!  Come on everyone, we can do this thing!!!

A Short Poll for Letters of Questioning!


I am excited to announce that the Letters of Questioning should be coming back as of next month once a week for the summer!  (Maybe longer if we can swing it!)  That said I would love to hear from you! my readers what you would love to see in future installments.  With that in mind I created a short poll and please do not hesitate to add your own to the list!  In fact, please! do that rather than use those I have provided.  You can come back as often as you like and add to it!  Share it with your friends!



Also, as a quick sidenote, I have updated all previous postings of our letters, adding in Dreamland’s responses!

Sadly Remiss and Quick Questions!

So I very obviously have been remiss and fallen behind on one of my biggest goals of the year.  On the bright side I have gotten tons done around my house and we have taken on the job of babysitting my nieces and nephew.  I don’t know how parents do it and get anything else done!

All of that said, please take a moment and help me out. I am prepping for Camp NaNo starting next month and have some very big ideas for a new story that I am going to start.  This one I am hoping to turn into a fully interactive book app! Here is my very short survey:

Grim Reaper Thoughts and Ideas!


If you have any thoughts or ideas, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments!  More updates soon, I promise!

The Power in Words

Yesterdays thoughts lead me to something we don’t always think about, and yet when we do we are always astounded all over again, and that is this:


I think that as writers we really need to remember this simple, and yet profoundly complex idea! It gives us a power. When people read our words and they have strong reactions, in any way, it just goes to prove that power all over again.

Along with that I believe there comes a certain responsibility. We have this great ability to create a reaction, a feeling, a thought, in others and we should use that. That is where the responsibility comes in. How we provoke people, the emotions we stir, I think that matters. As a reader, I know that when my emotions have been evoked, I want something out of it by the end of the book, article, ect that I am reading.

I think along with all of this is where some of that “writing for the audience” comes into play. While I don’t believe that anyone should just write for the audience, I think their thoughts and feelings should be kept in mind.


What do you think? Please, share your thoughts and feelings on this subject! Do you think there is truly a power in words? Do you think we, as writers have a responsibility to use that power? If we should use it, how should we use it?

The Only Way

Today, when I sat down at my computer to write I was looking for some kind, any kind, of inspiration to hit and my desktop just happened to have this quote up:


Of course I no sooner thought, what a perfect thought to write on when it disappeared while I was opening my writing program. So I pulled it up and stumbled upon this thought as well:



So anyway, it really hit home. No matter how big my dreams are, no matter what my goals in life are, unless I am doing that simple little thing, unless I am writing, nothing will ever come of it! It doesn’t have to be what I see in my mind, it doesn’t even have to be perfect, it just has to happen. How ever that works for me! Not how it works for all the other writers I read about on the interwebs, not how it works for my bestie, not even how it works for the best sellers! I just have to take some chances, believe in my ability, trust that if I actually do it, anything is possible! Anything can come of it.


What thoughts do these quotes inspire in you?  Please share your thoughts, on the quotes, what I have said, whatever inspires you as you read and view!

~Pics are courtesy of the interwebs~