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Tribute to Mothers Day



Yesterday was Mother’s day, and I didn’t want the event to pass without a tribute to mothers everywhere. It is a day that is often hard for me, I was adopted when I was seven by my grandparents, and as such I never knew exactly what to do. If I celebrated with one, then I would hurt the feelings of the other. Now that I am older it is a much easier issue. I was extra blessed because I also had one of the most amazing Step Moms in the world as well, so as you can see, I was blessed enough to have three moms! So in tribute here is a little… well, some thoughts I have on the issue…


                                           Three Blips of Time

Ma, for the first seven years of my life you were who I turned too.

      Life changes though, and the passage of time took me from your home.

JoAnn, you walked in and out of my life, from 7 till you died.

      Life took you from us too soon, I have yet to truly mourn your loss.

Grams, you have been the one constant in my life,

      always ready with thoughts, advice or support.

No matter what life threw at me, my support network has been strong!


Mother is so much more than a title, and in the end, the title doesn’t mean a thing, it is nothing more than a word, the meaning is the one we give it as individuals! Thanks for always being there…



How about you? Is there a wonderful woman in your life? Someone who supports you, no matter what life throws?!? A mother of the heart isn’t always the one we call mom, sometimes she is the one in the background we least expect! Remember to thank all those women in your life who have stood by you, think and thing.