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DFF: Waiting

With Valentines Day this week, I thought I would share a fun little romance type story. I hope you enjoy it!

Today’s Prompt:  His soul was of the night sky, the darkest ebony with specks of light.

Today’s Story:


She watched him move through the night. They told her to avoid him at all costs. They said he was evil… She couldn’t believe that. As long as she could remember he was there… a source of inspiration and beauty to her. She longed for him, but was always too afraid to ever approach him. He was too perfect, no matter what they say.

Photo by Jacek Raniowski on Unsplash

Quietly she followed him into the darkness. For a few moments at least she could pretend that they were together. In the dark, stars shining brightly overhead anything was possible. A twig snapping behind her made her gasp as she spun to see what was there, and it was him. Towering over her, perfect and beautiful.

“Why do you follow me, lass?” His voice velvet, a perfect match to the night. Shivers rolled down her spine, and she let her eyes slid shut enjoying the moment.

Opening her eyes, she found herself falling into his. The chocolate color melted into the darkness. His soul was of the night sky, the darkest ebony with specks of light. His soul more than visible to one such as she, one with the powers of knowing the truth of those around her. The specks of light like the stars twinkling above, all the sweeter for the darkness. Her soul, the perfect counterpart. A melody of shining light and inky black, swirling. Together they were a vortex of a perfect yin and yang.

“I… I… I’m sorry” she can’t help tripping over her words. What can she say, that he was just so perfect, she wanted to feel a part of his world just this once. “I know you are not what everyone says. You are not what you think. They just can’t see the beauty that lives so deep in you. I see it. I know it to be true and I just…” she looks away, hair falling around her, a shield.

He says nothing, just stands there waiting, patiently. That very light burning bright like the sun in that moment. She peeks up at him, eyes catching and holding. The storm that swirls between them a physical force pulling them together. Looking fully into his face as they move together, his hand spanning her waist and pulling her close.

“It’s just… we were meant to be.” She whispers quietly in to the night, an admission. “I tried to give you options, by not getting too close.”

“I have always been close. It is just your fear that has stopped you. I always knew where you were. Waiting. Ever waiting for you to make a choice.” The velvet voice raises goosebumps across her neck.

“I… you… Are you sure I am what you want?” Her eyes dart back down as she prepares for the rebuff. Not wanting to keep him trapped.

“You, mo rúnsearc… are all I have ever wanted. I just know what I am and never wanted to put you in a position to be an outcast.” His voice lapped at the edges of her lonely soul.

“I have never been anything but an outcast, and you are not what anyone says. They can not see you the way I do. You are a gentle soul, in an impossible position.” Leaning closer she stands on her toes, pulling him down to her whispering “you are perfect for me. Take me away from here. Let’s run away, find our perfection together.”

His head falls back as he laughs, a true laugh filled with magic and new beginnings. “If that is your desire, mo cuishle, who am I to deny you. Let’s live your dream.”

I really enjoyed this prompt. I was listening to a favorite Twitch music streamer and the music was wonderful in inspiring the different sections of this piece. What do you see with this prompt? Where does it take you? Please share your tale in the comments!  And if you like what you find here, check out the anthologies I am published in, the MN Emerging Writers and the National Edition!




DFF: New Pet

Today I channeled a favorite piece of fiction… and it helped inspire the main character in this piece. It was a lot of fun, so I hope you enjoy!

Today’s Prompt: “Demons are stupid.”

Today’s Story:

New Pet

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Teatime, always my favorite time of day. Nothing like taking a few moments out of your day to just relax and kick back, enjoy a nice hot cuppa, eat a few tasty morsels and maybe just get a few moments to yourself to read or study something just for your enjoyment. Setting down my tea, I am just turning the page when out of no where I am in some dingy, musty smelling basement, chanting going on around me. I look over my reading glasses and take in the occupants of the room I am now standing in. Sighing heavily I close my book, and snap my finger sending it home to my library. Quirking one eyebrow I take in the room around me. “How may I serve you?” I ask, being sure to keep my features pleasant, this one will be so easy to fool, obviously used to being in charge, and not having a lick of sense, he is holding a shivering, half naked woman in front of himself. Not like I can’t get plenty of women on my own. What is with these humans and thinking I want half clothed human women?!

“We have summoned you here, and have circled you, so you must do our bidding, and in return I have a sacrifice you can do with as you please.” Comes his commanding and sure of himself reply.

“Yes, I see. You have done such a marvelous job of summoning me. Following every textbook desire. So, you are saying if I do as you will, I can have my desire?” I ask him, careful to keep my eyes on the woman. Implying she is my desire and not the mad man holding her.

“Oh yes!” he exclaims.

Carefully I keep from rolling my eyes at his stupidity. “Well then, what is your will?” I ask, just waiting to get my hands on him. Humans like him do not deserve to live a free life.

“I want you to grant me powers beyond my wildest dreams!” His eyes dreamily drifting to some world that no one can see but him.

“Oh, I can do that, but it may be a higher price, are you prepared to pay that price?” I ask him softly.

“Yes, I will pay any price!”

“Then come here. I will grant you all the power at my disposal.” The man walks in to the circle, dropping it and I touch him, clasping his wrist. “You are sure this is what you desire?” I ask him, a final time.

“More than anything! I want to be the most powerful human!” He says.

“That is all I needed to hear, thank you,” I laugh, blinking out of the room with him, taking him to my lair for training.

“What… what is going on? Where are we? What have you done?” he stammers, looking at the poshness around him.

“I have brought you to my home for training. There was no way I was staying in that nasty cesspool a moment longer than I had to. Besides, you said that you were willing to pay the price, and that price is simple… you are to become a pet… and if you do really well, then who knows, you may even become a gift.” I answer, laughing at the expressions fleeting across his face. “Now, in you go.” I shove him in to a large kennel, reserved just for the purpose.

“What? You can’t do this! Let me out!” He wails, trying to reach through the bars and get out. I laugh, it has been too long since I trained a new pet. Oh the joys of breaking them. “Demons are stupid. Pawns. You can’t do this to me!” He rages.

“Stupid. Pawns. Who is the pawn now? You were the one driven by your desires for power. Not me.” I laugh and walk out of the room. Ah yes, he will make a marvelous gift for Valentines day. And training new pets is what I do best.

What about you? Where does that prompt take you? Please share in the comments below.  And if you like what you see, I am officially published. Please check out the anthologies I am published in, the MN Emerging Writers and the National Edition!


Valentine’s Day 2016

IMG_20160214_154952488Hey all, I totally have a wonderful update for you, but I will send that out later, as today is Valentine’s Day and I want to share what a marvelous day I had!

I brought you a special present.

A book?

Does it got any sports in it?
Are you kidding? Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, True Love, miracles…
Doesn’t sound too bad. I’ll try and stay awake.

Well, for all of you who know what that is from, you will love what comes next!  I started off on the first of February, giving him a countdown with little notes and some gifts for each day! Although he said the finale was the best!

We then worked together on presenting this special meal! He has such beautiful writing that he did all the little placecards for our meal. We worked together on creating our perfect meal and it was so much fun!  Then, we sat down and enjoyed watching the movie while we ate!  It was the best Valentine’s Day I have ever had!


I hope you enjoyed our Princess Bride Valentine’s Day extravaganza!!!  How about you? Did you have a wonderful day? How do you celebrate?  Share with me what you did, I want to hear from you!​