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Letters from Camp: There I was…


Wow, I just have to say… last night was amazing!  There I was, just minding my own business… working on rewriting a section, since I have been struggling so much, and chatting with a friend about life.  And wouldn’t you know it, the next thing I know I am knee deep in giant felines, and I have a couple hundred words on one of the scenes I was struggling with!  I couldn’t believe it!  I don’t even remember switching over to work on it.  I just know, one minute I was rewriting, and chatting with my friend and the next, BLAM! two hundred plus words in that new scene!  I really couldn’t be more excited!

In honor of that, I will leave you with a few words from last night!

Working together with my crew, and almost hand in hand with Kyi, we all buckle down to help the planet recover from the latest in a string of pretty bad disasters. The earthquake that took me out for a while seemed to give Kyi new purpose. Never leaving my side, as if afraid I am going to fade or pass out or something.
I can not believe the connection to him. It is almost as if we move in perfect synchronization, our movements mirroring one another without any effort. I almost feel as if we are two planets orbiting one another.
“It is because you are finally accepting it. Do you notice the difference around the two of you? How the people seem different after they have worked with you?” Kieran asks me slyly.
Reaching out I swat at him, only to hear a low rumble. Looking over to ask him what has gotten into him, I notice that it is not him I have swatted, it is in fact Árdghal. Heat flushes up my face, “I am sorry dara athair. I thought…” I trail off, not really having anything to say.
He chuffs and tackles me, rolling around like I do with Kieran, leaving me breathless and laughing. When out of no where he is flying off of me, a cat I have not seen before standing over me, rumbling. I go perfectly still, not sure what is going on, or what the newcomer is upset over.
Rumbling comes from all around me, with the new cat still standing over me, I do not dare move.
“What ever you do, hold still” Kyi’s thoughts filter quietly into my mind.
“You think” I retort, making sure he catches the eye roll that goes with it. Holding desperately to humor, anything to not think about the danger the cat represents.

What about you?!? Have you had those moments?  Times where you planned to work on one thing and found yourself magically working through another, with no knowledge of how you got there?

Letters from Camp: An Excerpt!


Wow! I can’t even believe it, I managed to get words on the page yesterday!  Not a lot, but it was a start! So maybe that will get me out of the rut I seem to be stuck in!  I celebrated with some dryads and nymphs who were out dancing in the rain we had today!  Talk about fun!  I never knew they could be so much fun, usually they are a pretty elusive bunch!  I gotta say, if you get a chance get out there and spend some time with them!  Here is a bit of what I have!

Walking over to the window to the Docking Bay Office I murmur to the clerk, “Melody Joy, docking Mo Thuras on Bay Seven.”
Something flashes in his eyes, mixed with the startled expression that moves across his face, too quick for me to figure out what it was. I just know it was there. Some thought he did not want me to know, moving behind his eyes. Taking obvious care to neutralize whatever he was thinking he speaks up. “Melody, it has been a while. Your papers are all in order, how long you plan to stay in port?” He asks me, his voice reverberating slightly through the large station.
I wince; sure everyone in the station heard my name. The young man is familiar to me, but does not seem to be jumping to the fore. While I am sure we went to school together, his name eludes me at the moment. “Not long, only a few days. I am swinging through to see my parents. Time to share the successes of my first journey out. It will be nice to see them, not to mention see some familiar surroundings. Space outside of the contained and confined spaces of my ship.” I grin at him. “Have to get back out there though. As Da says, ‘being in port doesn’t make money, doesn’t pay the bills’,” I finish with his favorite saying.
“Have a safe time in port.” It looks as if there is something else he would like to say… some other thoughts rolling through his mind. Peeking out through his eyes, teasing me with more questions. It is as if, not knowing what to say, he just gives the standard port farewell, instead of giving voice to what he is feeling.
Looking at him curiously, I open my mouth to ask him what it is when Kieran bounds over to me and pounces. Sending me tumbling, making me laugh. Forgetting all about it, I get up, dust myself off and pick up my gear. Taking a deep breath the smell of familiarity surrounds me; it is the smell of home. I have found each port to have its own unique smell that even comes to mind when I think of them. Maybe because of the food they serve, or the cultures and lives the people there lead. I have yet to figure that out, but come to accept and even relish in that little detail.

Spent some time cleaning the cabin today!  Along with the celebrating with the dryads and nymphs, boy am I sore!  Totally worth it though!  Well, I need to get back to the words, they are calling to me!  Hope you enjoyed the glimpse into Mo Thuras!

How about you? Have you seen the dryads? Danced with the nymphs?

NaNo Countdown Begins!




And so it begins for me! The NaNoWriMo countdown! Any who have followed my blog for a while know that I LIVE for NaNo in all its marvelous forms. From Camp NaNo in the summer to full fledged NaNo in November! So please bear with me as I will am planning to write much the next couple months and take you on this journey with me. That said, I am rather excited for NaNo this year. I am once again ML and as I have been struggling with my writing I am hoping that this give it a kick start, and get me back fully in my writing groove. I have to make my 50k with my role as ML, so here is to an exciting idea, and a productive NaNo!!!


I have once again found my excitement for writing, now I just have to manage to get back in the habit of writing. With that in mind, I have been neglecting my blog a little as I am trying to plan for my novel this year. I think I have finally decided on what story I am going to write, but now is the hard part of planning some base characters, having them tell me their names, setting up some of the back story so I know a bit about the world they will be taking me to.


Now, I am more of a pantser, so this whole planning thing is a little hard. I no longer find it constricting as I have learned much from a few helpful websites and my own trial and error. Every year I participate in NaNo I have learned more about my writing style than I could have ever learned from any amount of books! I have also been reading through my newest copy of Writer’s Digest. It is one of the most helpful things I have found for inspiring my thought process and helping to learn new things for my writing craft. This months copy has been most helpful indeed.



So with that, what have you found to be helpful? What resources have taught you the most? What has been the most helpful to your writing? Are there websites you return to again and again? Are there books that are full of little flags and notes in the margin? Please share! I love learning of new resources.

Writing and My Groove


“I’m sorry, you have just thrown off the emperor’s groove!”

There… that is it, I have made it back in my groove. You know, those writerly ruts you have forged, keeping you on the path to your writerly goals.


“Now I feel really bad. Bad llama”

We all have those moments. The ones where no matter how excited we are about our WIP, and no matter how much we know about it, we just can’t seem to get into the actual writing of it. Maybe it is our Muse saying she is on holiday. Maybe it is just us, loving the idea and afraid of what will come of it. Who knows, but what I do know was I didn’t even realize I had managed to get out of my groove. I was struggling to form new ruts, down a dark and lonely trail.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all about blazing a new trail! But I also know that some things work better than others. I had been eking out my word count right on target, but not a bit more. As I have a low word count goal and I really want to be closer to the 50k mark this was a sad thing for me.
While chatting with a fellow writing friend, we were discussing each of our WIP. I have to say I owe him a debt. All it took was a few little nudges and there I was, plowing down that wonderful rut! I have since managed to get ahead and even almost caught up to his word count. Isn’t it amazing how a few well placed questions about your story can get you back on track?


How about you? Do you need fresh eyes to look at your story? Even if it is just beginning, the insights a trusted friend or colleague can share could make a world of difference. I know it did for me!

Do you find you work better alone? Or with another set of eyes to look over your work and ask the things they are curious about? Please share your secrets of keeping your groove on!