Works Hopeful to be Born

Here I thought I would share all the novels I have in the works, have created, or hope to create.

In The Works:

Title: The Twins
Genre: Young Adult
Synopsis: Twins journey through life together, trying to find their way in a life of horror and pain. Running away from home after graduating early, making new friends, finding their birth father and kidnappings, they find what they most want in life. A life that while yet crazy, is just the right kind of normal.
Status: On the Shelf
NaNo Event: November 2011, July 2013

Title: Vampire’s Prophecy
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: What do you get when a centuries old psychic vampire witch meets up with a vampire seethe? Well, I am here to tell you, it is not what we have been taught all our lives! I do know that MY life was changed that fateful night I met up with my destiny. Hey, it is not every day you meet your twin flame AND find out you are key player in a prophecy the vampires have been chasing for centuries!
Status: On the Shelf
NaNo Event: August 2012, July 2014

Title: Magickal Encounters
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: The Dark Ones are taking over the land, killing off those of the light. Two are born who were meant to be together, they will bind together and chase off the Dark Ones. Fulfilling the prophecy and bringing life back to the land.
Status: On the Shelf
NaNo Event: November 2012

Title: Mo Thuras
Genre: Sci-Fi
Synopsis: Melody Joy is an orphan and she learned early on you only have yourself to depend on. When she gets a unique piece of technology in the mail, she sets off on a journey of a lifetime. In her ship Mo Thuras, she sets out to find a planet no one has heard of and find a bit of her past.
Along the way she picks up a ragtag crew, who like her are different and never seem to fit in, and yet together they find a strength they never had before.
Reaching the planet, she finds out her little piece of technology is a special free-thinking hologram of her father, his own design. The planet is dying and to save a race of people that would be no more he sent this little piece of himself to her.
Fleeing the planet, she fears losing everything she has gained in that small piece of technology, a new found relationship with a father long gone and learning who she is and what really matters in life.
Status: Currently writing – Hoping to finish the end!
NaNo Event: April 2013, November 2013, July 2015

Title: As Death Tells It
Genre: Fantasy, Interactive Book App
Status: On the shelf
NaNo Event: April 2014

Title: Huggerz
Genre: Satire, Collaboration
Synopsis: As a group of “undesirables” shows themselves at Academy Hill, the administration has no choice but to bring in “The Tyrants” to restore order and save everyone from the hugging that has put many into quarantine! What do the huggerz want? No one really knows for sure, but one thing is certain. It is leading to a social breakdown the likes of which no one has ever seen before. Maybe now, the antiquated systems and structure of the past can be tossed for good!
Status: In the works
NaNo Event: April 2014 (Idea formed) April 2015 (Collaboration started)

Some Possible Future Ideas:

Demon’s Called Forth
Cupid’s Tale
Children of the Fallen
Elemental Power

3 thoughts on “Works Hopeful to be Born”

    1. *laughs* I know right!!! I have high hopes, buuut it would seem that the writer in be is being stubborn, or maybe it is just the characters in Mo Thuras, they are not very talkative right now! I totally really want to work on another of my projects, buuut, I am holding firm to my goal to at least have the draft of Mo Thuras fully finished this month! That said, I may just do a bit on one of the others maybe then the characters from Mo Thuras will open up a little… or become jealous?!? Anything to get something out of them! They are so tight lipped this month!

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