LoQ: Core

Time for another Installment of Letters of Questioning!

My poor dizzy friend, Dreamland’s Insurgents,

You know… I think you are touching on something deeper when thinking about ideas.  Because to me… whenever I read a book, or when I even look at something I have written, even knowing that it is just an idea that may have blossomed from a prompt, it shows something about ourselves. It shows tiny glimpses of who we are.  Of course, what that says about me, and some of the very dark things I write, I couldn’t really say, or maybe I don’t want to face it, hehehe.  But I think, in all honesty, it is one of the deepest, most almost spiritual parts of writing that is at its very core, and prolly the most important thing to consider when we are looking at writing.

I think that being able to pin point the very core of our processes into a few sentences is what allows us to create/do something so much more, something deeper!  It is from finding that little core bite that allows an author to nail down the deepest part of the plot of a novel, and I think that a mission statement does that same for us in life!  All too often we just let the tides of life batter us around! Well, NO MORE! Stand firm, and find that core! Or keep floundering… I am good at that too.

I have to say, going forward, I am hoping to find my lost motivation.  Not sure where I left it… maybe in my poor little boat that I sank so I would never have to leave the island, that is now battering me with storms?  I am looking at prepping, Camp NaNo is just around the corner and I will work on my cookbook! The stories to be told I hope will find a way to shine! Maybe the cookbook needs a mission statement? At the least it could use a one sentence summary!

What projects does this letter find you working on? In the ever rising tides are you finding that you are still managing to stay afloat of your ever increasing demands on time and life?  Or are you, like me, feeling the tides rising faster and you sunk your own boat?

Trying desperately to craft a raft from sticks and twigs,


How about you, our friends.  Where does this letter reach you? Are you happy on a cozy island? Or are you on smooth seas or bumpy waves?  Do you find yourself digging to the core of your writing or instead just letting the tides take you where they will?  Do you have any burning questions? Or maybe you are searching for a treasure with a map of no destination?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “LoQ: Core”

  1. Unrestricted and without limit my Left Hand creates its own puzzle, frosted icicles become the upper jaw of this Beast…
    Valley of the Bluestone 88 –
    Swarms of Hornets and Wasps, supported by Yellow Jackets rapidly swirl twisting invasion of a Hidden Valley has begun.
    Rotating perfectly maneuvering of extraordinary reflexes around every single corner including unknown sharp turns. Thousands of poisonous stingers, twice counted Quickened fluttering wings give shape without a registered mass combined within an open space. Destruction it’s creation a manifested and unhindered
    – Air Elemental Form –
    Pixels of Appearance, a dozen and a half Crows wait patiently for the Squadron to become lost within the maze of the Bluestones.
    A Spiraling Rage becomes drowned under the cliffs without the need for a body of Water nor half-filled lake. Not even the Blackened Storm releasing a torrent of Flooding Rains was seen, Guilty is the Intrusive Formation of Offensive Stingers dropped to their deaths as if Intercepted and shot down falling to the Rocky Cracked Earth below.
    Group of Buzzing sounds together a War-Cry of an Angry Raiding Force which normally would cause anyone to flee from a basic logic that an incoming Aggressive & Dangerous Hive is frenzied nearby.
    One Crow from his perch, from a dried out branch then flew off – Eyes Focused, Feathered Wings Flapping now much more Calmer then before.
    Drowning of Confusion Skeletal System Reversed of your own Design now Insists, Fortifies that Beauty really is only Skin Deep.
    Swarm Dissipates to a monotone, singled out sound easily located. From his swooping beak the buzzing has now ceased, chewed and swallowed.
    Hundreds of layered types of Stones, Envision the Geological Sediment’s History here before you. The 88th layer counted from the top has been Named the Bluestone. Tinted blue a reflection painted in the image of a Cloudless Sky filled with flying Crows at night. Such energy brought skill forth The Statues were Chiseled to Life from the surrounding Cliffs.
    Towering Heights, Sculptures of the Steep Spectrum’s Edge now a product that long awaiting is finally finished. Each Soldier specifically designed Hand Crafted from Bluestone, who’s each enormous footstep in any direction of Consequence to all inhabitants.
    Unintentionally the massive mountainous weight bends the Earth’s spine from any pressure once applied, depending on the Colossal Statue’s current objective stance.
    -Crooked if Ever They Should Fall!!!
    -Do Not give them Reason to March
    Army of Solid Stone remain stationary but are geared and Readied Guardians of this Light Blue Sacred Valley. Natural Blue Stone is a catacomb of an aging life counted by the concentric Circles of this Planet. Powerful Earthquakes are common increasing anyone’s inability to ever climb out. Mountain Shards Spiked pointed to the Heavens.
    Even those which wings beat at hypnotizing speeds flying in a deceptive entrancing yet harmonious tune eventually as well will become targeted and picked off.
    ———— By this Crow who unexpectedly but instantly Conjured for his Wisdom obtained in what learned from a Blind Ancient Oak Tree. Resting on my shoulder a Blessing seen and wished to Learn on this saddened Night ———-
    Patiently does the Scavenger of Magic catch any fly ball or pop up not intentionally directed into Centerfield. For contact driven up the Spine, this Spirit will always Admire your Hardest Known Hit.
    Even if the swing contains less power and falls short, smaller arc now drawn as its trajectory. Still it will be seen as a Positive attempt at seeking a Preferred Balance, the Others will Understand and Acknowledged in your Bravery new circuits of thought pattern developing beyond the Human Brain.
    Difficult Personal Change –
    Applying Spiritual Change earns the Respect of the Screaming Spirits who dot this current late night not with Light, but as Blackened Crowing Flying Stars. Not cluttered and dense do they commune together in flight as what the insects do in their own governed strategy.
    Crows plan to space out evenly to establish a minimum of an outstretched full wing spans distance of length barely reaching the Other. Comfortable space gives room to the entirely of their own valued person individuality. Magnificently even apart they can remain still close enough within each other each holding separate Aspirations and yet they still maintain common Goals to keep United.
    Highly Effective Organized Combat Unit yielding great results shown using this Forbidden Formation. A Flock of Crows glowing a soothing shade of Blue, Scream encouragements to who is currently awaiting. Next up to bat always supportive before he or she has the spotlight fixed upon them and zoomed in. Soon to be stepping foot at Home Base and also
    Eager to Aim for the Center –
    Have who’s a Giant admit his faults, let the smallest dwellers renounce any vengeful plots against any who wield a Mighty Sword.
    Let them both Apologize because from certain perspectives they will always be seen as equal. The calculated weight of Love dropped onto the scale catapults the idea of Hate away from what is really most important.
    The Blind have amassed and assured that in height, weight, strength, speed, intellect or any other possible aspect someone of Physical body and Spirit holds
    Everyone shall be Equally the Same.
    Life is…Life.
    Conversing with a Stranger not a Voice of the Other is never to be Heard, a Timeless Void of Shared Eternal Communication. An Exchange of Blank Words Infused across a Total of Thoughts then processed back and forth
    Internal Screams –
    Listened in Comprehension, patiently only a moment is now followed by a Calculated Spiritual Reply. Without Analysis this Language not Translated ignored as Misunderstood Logic.
    The Blind from these Experiences have proven Mastery in the the
    Art of Communicational Differential Judgement.
    Knowing that Friendship must be Chosen, because only the Devil in his Ego has decided to Wage War, Assaulting only of Selfish Reasons and Places First Himself Above All even God. Isolated Dreams his own personal Hell, Crowned a Ruling Throne Forever to Always be Alone.
    Moonlight Crossed Over Released then (15)Awarded(15) by Defenses Hardened of Stone.
    For anytime during your own Personal Test you shall be watched by the now surrounding crowd. Not leading to the left or smashed to the right, But Equally and Straightforward to the Center of what to be Observed as Your Chosen Balanced Direction.
    Nothing to Hide provides an Apparent Fairness must be it must be comprehended by another before the desired contact swing.
    IF the previous condition set value’s variable is read as “TRUE” the object swung at after being hit will THEN be sent upwards, so gracefully and always Eye-Catching never to be taken for granted. Filled with excitement without over-swinging is that Perfect Glorious swing.
    Placing a man made sphere still spinning from the flawless timed swing now sent out into a larger orbit, Red Laced Spinning has caught the Attention of
    What is Powerful – Please do Never Abuse whatever it is that You do Seek.
    Depending on the Purity of your Intent, smile in Confidence for the Universe and those with Knowledge of Good and Evil are WATCHING.
    To the swaying of Ageless Branches Creative Twigs of the Wise Blind Old Oak Tree, and of a surviving Hornet the Crow now understands and in practice refuses to consume.
    In Forgiveness l, instead Teaches this Hornet the Ability of how to SCREAM! For you are witness now that ALL LIVING LIFE in this moment will be Allowed to hear even if the volume must be increased, ruptured eardrums trails of blood used because in Powerful Prayer you must Comprehend!
    I share these words now spoken, finished only moments ago to me by a Trusting Crow who sat calmly upon my shoulder this entire time.
    The Teachings of the Blind from Spirits now known uncovered of Genius, in Realization it is The Blind who should be the Teachers or Professors. Academic Consultants Explaining to any who dare Value themselves greater then ANY other.
    The Blind are Instructing Detailed Lessons to their students pointing out at all things of which have become unbalanced. Even with eyes wide open persistent methods must be used to those who do not want to understand beyond a Materialistic Life here on Earth.
    Visual Aids Proven that the Blind, Powerful Mentors of those who are without any sight. Are the Masters of Teaching those who are born with eyes, and only Physically SEE.
    See Beyond Definitions of Every Word that could be Written Down. Dictionaries were published by those born with a set of working Eyes.
    The Born Blind Oak Tree Creates his entire Reality, Everything from Scratch. A Black Canvas without the means to even attempt to Write. Starting from only Two Known Concepts this Tree always starts here:
    Nothing is My Life –

      1. To the Core Ravyn, Goddess of The Citadels whom was cast from the Heavens during the Pinnacle of their Creation. As you fell I was knocked from the scaffolding during the Collapsing of this Rebellious Chaos.
        These words now spoken to you while looking into your eyes. Fallen Angel, I was the Architect that fell alongside of you. An Intimate Descent we both shared… 😉

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