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Blog Motivation

So having struggled to really find an idea that spoke to me for a few days now, I asked some friends what it is that they would like to see if they were looking to read a writing blog. One of the topics asked for was How to get and stay motivated to work on my blog. She went on to say, I have lots of posts in my brain, but have yet to find a way to hook my brain to my computer and download the posts.

This is a great topic! I have often found myself floundering. And it also gave me the idea for a couple posts, because in addition to this one, you get to look forward to a piece of fiction from me, dealing with the downloading from the brain! *grins* You know you are all dying to read that one! So, here we go, how to stay motivated:

  1. First off, try to have several posts done ahead. The reason I say this is because it is so much easier to maybe come back to it a little later if you really need to, without the pressure of, Oh My GERD, it is due to post in twenty minutes!!! *grins* and yes I have done that more than a time or two, hehehe.
  2. Secondly, keep an actual written list of your ideas. Update this list any time you have an idea, so that you have a ready place to go when you are not feeling inspired.
  3. Thirdly, write on a topic that actually interests you at the moment. Yes, you have created a marvelous list of ideas, but if they are not inspiring you at the moment, write on something else. Your lack of interest will show! You have thought of the ideas for a reason, so give them all the passion they deserve!


There you have it, three easy and quick steps for finding and keeping the motivation to write your blog posts! What do you do to find the motivation for working on your blog when you are feeling less than motivated? Do you keep a list of ideas? Do you just write randomly? Do you work ahead in your blog? Let me know!!!


Ideal Writing Environment

We all have it, those dream desks, dream homes, dream offices.  That dream environment where we feel if we just had “…” then we could write happily and perfectly!  And of course we also know that is not true. Oh sure, for a while we can diligently write away and thrive in this amazing environment we have, but when it is ours, when we use it day after day, it all becomes the same!

Here are some of the things I think are most important to keep in mind when thinking about your creative space!

  • Define your space!  No matter if it is just a little corner of a room, a closet or an entire office, etch out the space into what you want it to be.
  • Make sure there is plenty of Light! I know it may sound silly, but when we don’t get enough light we can become drowsy or even sad.
  • Keep it Organized!  Now I know, not everyone is very organized, but we all have systems of organization that work for us. Utilize that!  Know your system and keep things organized.
  • Have a comfortable place to sit!  Without something comfortable, you are not going to want to spend hours creating in this space, so some form of comfortable seating is needed!
  • Decorate your Space!  We all like to have things to look at that reflect our likes.  We want to feel comfortable and how we decorate will affect that!  Even if it is something as simple as a favorite throw blanket, add your own personal touches.

My personal writing space at the moment is just a little space in my bedroom, but I am hoping as I work hard to clean and organize my house to find a space that will become mine!  What about you? What is your dream writing space? What do you currently use? Does it work for you?

Finding Inspiration: New Writing Tools

fountainpenopenSo I am finally finding my inner inspiration once more. Working hard on writing, and pursuing my dreams. That said, something that always inspires me is new writing tools! I mean, who doesn’t love a new notebook or pen!  Recently I tried a fountain pen for the first time ever and I have to say, I am in LOVE!  They are amazing… (when they work right) and nothing flows over the page as smoothly!  I received this little beauty from a great writerly friend, who is one of my best friends!

fountainpenwithgearOh, abut that little side note, yes I am having a bit of trouble with my beautiful new pen, but in part I think it comes from not knowing a thing about them!  So I will be doing some research into fountain pens in the very near future.  I did a little digging today and learned that the tips are just suppose to get better with time, and they “learn” your writing style, so you should never borrow out your fountain pen!

Also, because it is too beautiful not to share, here is an amazing dip pen I had received from my wife!


What inspires you? Do you love new writing tools? What about fountain pens, have you ever tried them?  What do you really enjoy?