Weekly Goals & Achievements: Getting Rollin’


After reading a few posts done up by others with their goals and the like, I decided I wanted to do something similar! We, as writers, often rely on ourselves to accomplish our writing goals. Well, I have learned from NaNo I write much better with some form of ‘structure’ or ‘accountability’ so I agree with others, a writing blog is just the place to share those goals. I also think it is a great place to share the achievements as well, so… now Saturdays are going to look at my past weeks Success and Achievements and look forward to the next weeks goals.


  • I have received some blogging awards (which I would like to get posts up about)
  • Posted daily in my blog!

This weeks goals include:

  • Daily Blog Postings (including)
    • Weekly Inspiration
    • Weekly Poem
    • Letter
    • Achievements/Goals
    • (possible post on accountability?)
  • Finish ‘Outline’ of Mo Thuras
  • Finish on of my Reviews (ARC books, or book I won)

What are your goals for the week? Do you post your weekly (or even monthly/ect) goals on your blog?


23 thoughts on “Weekly Goals & Achievements: Getting Rollin’”

  1. I don’t post them specifically, but I mention them from time to time. Mostly, I aim for getting a certain distance in writing my book or finishing outlines for future projects.

    1. I write lists… lots and lots of lists, but I haven’t really written out my goals so much until now, so I think this will be interesting.
      Do you find it helps to shoot for a certain distance? vs say a word count ect?
      I don’t outline, my “first draft” is my outline soo that takes me usually roughly a month to complete. I do however find character sketches and the like to be most helpful…

      1. It does keep me focused by I go by chapter sections or pages instead of word count. My goal is typically 2 chapter sections a day, which could be 12 to 20 pages.

        I do character biographies and detailed outlines. I guess my outlines can count as rudimentary first drafts. I break each chapter down into its sections, so I know exactly what I want to do in that section. Making the outline also lets me think out the entire story, but I seem to be an anomaly with my outlining.

      2. Yeah I do too, I have been told my “outlines” are very strange. Of course… I don’t write chapters either. They don’t make sense to me, so I write scene by scene, and when I start a novel I usually have roughly 13-15 scenes, which of course grows as I write. Each of those scenes are only known by a single or couple word title… and that is the outline by which I write my first draft, which is why I call that my outline.
        I actually gained a lot of knowledge on my outlining by looking into screenwriting… crazy how that can help you draft a novel, but it worked for me.
        I find it amazing how each and every writer writes differently!

      3. A different method for every writer, I guess. I’m still not sure I understand how your story is divided into scenes without chapters. Wouldn’t the scenes technically be chapters?

      4. some chapters have more than one scene, at least, I have read several that have… I don’t know I just write each scene, some are really short little blips, others are really rather long.
        I guess I could call those my “chapters” but **grins** I like to be different, soo I just title each with the “outline name” I give it and go with it

      5. I’m horrible at giving chapter/scene names, so I stick with numbers. Each chapter has 2-5 scenes in it too. Seriously, I’m horrific at chapter titles. I tried earlier in the week and my wife said if I ever have her read something so bad again, she’ll either divorce me or hit me with a frying pan.

      6. **grins** and that is how I actually “write” my scenes. I take my premise, and then I think of what could happen through my story and “label” those ideas and then… I just let go and write! Those little bits of titles are all that shape the story.
        So I take it she really thought your titling could use improvement hmmm? **grins** ah well, women can be picky like that. Something about disliking time being wasted or some such I think, *grins*
        Now if only I could figure out how to write the end! that is all I have left of this “outline” and ugh! Endings are my worst, and to me the biggest challenge in writing!

      7. It’s funny because I can make really good book titles. When I have to pare it down to a chapter, I got nothing. It’s probably because the chapter sections don’t always fit perfectly into one title.

        I’m good at endings as far as making them. Smiling while writing them is something else entirely. I’m going to be so moody when I write the final book of my series.

      8. RIGHT!!! of course… that is how I tried to make writing the end “okay”… by making it a series **grins** course that does not seem to be helping

      9. I already have my final epilogue plotted out because of all the characters that I have to handle. Keep in mind this would be the end of book 15 and I’m only on writing book 5. I just need to make sure certain characters get closure, others are prepped for their lives as cameos in future series, and one character gets a teaser for his/her stand-alone book after the series. Simple . . . at least for a crazy person.

      10. That should help in the writing of the end though! Maybe next time I need to try that… hmm, write the end and then write my story. I know I would have to make several changes, as my plot actually develops as I write, but it might make the task easier!

      11. I still have it flexible in case I decided some characters aren’t going to make it or some set to die are going to be around. Flexibility is key for me when I outline.

  2. Hooray for writing goals! I do post weekly goals as it happens. Just as you say, setting them helps keep me accountable for progress– and break the long-winded novel-writing and publishing process into smaller, achievable increments.

    Wishing you the best with your practice and accomplishing all that you set out to 🙂

    1. Thanks, yeah I guess I never really thought of the breaking them into chunks. I see it as such a whole, that even my “broken down” isn’t really in my mind… Maybe I should try looking at it that way, see what it does for me!

  3. I am constantly impressed by your dedicated organization! And I know you can do it, too, but good luck! Can’t wait to see what you create 🙂

    1. **grins** well we both know I have you totally suckered into believing I am actually organize (whoops did I say that for you to actually read… durn sneeze, musta slipped out! **giggles**)
      Yeah I really hope I make it through that ending this week… you will prolly have to help! As is par for the course with me **grins**

  4. Ohhhh, a sneeze, huh? LOL … just wait ’til you need my help finishing Mo Thuras … no, even better, wait til you hear my suggestions for “organizing” the story…. *grins* and don’t think you’re not gonna catch hell for this in the letters, either! … I’ll give you something to sneeze at 😉

    1. **rubs hands together** ohhhh goodies… a challenge, or was that suppose to be a threat?!? **falls over giggling**

      Oh wait… I mean… My most sincere of apologies, I would never have dreamed of “sneezing” your way. **snickers**

      1. You bet I got a challenge for you! But not til you’re done with the draft. Consider it an incentive to finish quicker … or my version of a box of tissues! mwahahaha

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