Letters from Camp: Why I Do NaNoWriMo!

Camp-Participant-2015-Twitter-ProfileEverywhere you look these days you see writers either loving or hating on NaNoWriMo, in its various forms. I genuinely think they don’t understand the true nature and idea behind why it exists.  There are those who believe that it is ruining writing, well I can’t imagine anything further from the truth!  So, here is my list of reasons to participate in NaNoWriMo in all its glorious forms!

  1. It lowers my expectations on myself!  Ultimately it is all about getting the words down, on the page!  So that means that I give myself permission to not always write perfectly, which gives me more creative freedom to explore and express ideas in ways I may otherwise never think of!
  2. It has taught me that no matter how busy life gets, we can always make the time for what matters to us!  You may want to say, yeah but… Well I say, no wild YeahButz allowed!  Do you want to know why?  Ask me sometime about my first ever NaNo experience… while I was getting married (a do it yourself wedding with no help), and going to Mayo Clinic several times, not to mention a week long honeymoon, oh and did I mention said wife’s birthday!  So, yes, it can be done, no matter how busy you might be!
  3. I have learned something new about how writing works for me!  Like, I learned how to “outline”, at least so far as the format that seems to work alright for me! I also learned what a scene/chapter is! Oh sure I know what it is!  but I learned how they work for me! These were big deals! And I always learn something new each time!
  4. It prevents writing from being this static environment!  I can’t write alone. Strange I know right? But there it is. If I am not chatting with a couple friends, and occasionally bouncing ideas back and forth, I can just sit and stare at my work for hours!
  5. The last thing I am going to leave you with is this.  It gives me a deadline! You know… an actual reason to get the words on the page. More than… yeah I want to do that! There are tons of other people also doing it, and I want to be in the winners circle at the end!

There you have it folks, just a few reasons why I love NaNoWriMo!  I will continue to participate, until for some strange reason the well of stories in me dries up.  Considering I have new ideas every week I am sure that will never happen!

What about you?  Do you love it? Hate it? Swear by it?  Tell me your story!


4 thoughts on “Letters from Camp: Why I Do NaNoWriMo!”

  1. I would definitely not be working on my novel if it weren’t for Nano. It gave me the freedom to just write down the thoughts in my head, even when my inner editor was pulling her hair out. I’ve learned so much about my editing process and how to put scenes together and I totally agree with the ‘whole learning how chapters work for you’ thing…Yeah, I’m a total Nano-addict, lol. Also, wonderful writing community, best writing peeps I’ve ever met.

  2. I NaNo because it gives me permission. Permission to focus on a project full-force. It also makes me write — I am weirdly competitive about certain things! ^__^

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