DFF: Magic Ripples

Today’s piece is a LOT of fun! It is coming with a picture that inspired it, that was done on a friends stream!  So please, take the time to check out Matteo! He is an amazing artist!

Matteo Prayer


Today’s Prompt:  Siamese twins – one body, two heads – one is Elf (Wolodymyr) the other is WereRat (Wynston); the dominant hypothesis was that this condition was a very rare occurrence due to a mix of her mother being of a different race from her father and experimenting with weird magic to get pregnant. I’m afraid that the were-rat aspect of Wynston was left a little bit to the side but somebody said something about a curse.



Today’s Story:

Magic Ripples

Lunar 13, ‘397

It was yet another day where Wynston controlled our day. He is always… ugh. No privacy! Seriously… I can’t even write this without him. Sure we are close, but that does not mean that it isn’t sometimes frustrating to never have privacy. Anyway… back to the day. Sometimes it is frustrating that Wynston controls so much of our daily life, but it isn’t completely his fault. I know that the fact that he is a were pulls on our collective body. It has been the week of the full moon, and the few days around that transforms us a bit more if he looses control.

The fact that there has been unrest in the kingdom does not help his ability to maintain control. Even mom and granddad have been loosing their marbles, and when granddad has started to loose his shit… you know that things are bad. The biggest problem is that no one knows where it is coming from, but magic has been rippling lately. Things slipping away, spells not turning out how they are supposed to. Whatever is affecting the magic, it is something that has to be stopped.

Well, it is getting late and we have had a long day, not to mention Wynston is already snoring, so it is time I wrap this up and get some much needed sleep. In the days to come, who knows how much sleep we will be able to get.


There you go! I hope you enjoy!!!  And please check out Matteo’s stuff! He is an amazing artist and lots of fun!


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