Weekly Inspiration: Novels

Todays bit of inspiration is from a picture I stumbled upon on Facebook.  As writers, our novels are so much more than just words on a page.  They are the very essence of who we are!  This was just so fitting that I knew the moment I seen it that I had to share it with all of you!


What about you?  Does the words resonate in you?  Do you also find it to be true in your writing, that the words on the page are so much more than just words, but your very essence?  Your heart and soul?


12 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration: Novels”

  1. Yes, I agree with that. The words I write, especially those of the novel I’m currently working on, are indeed my heart and soul. Thought-provoking.

    1. I have always thought that the words we write, the stories we write, reflect on us as writers. This little saying really put it more visual than I would have ever thought, and I just loved that.

  2. Absolutely, I whole heartedly agree. Every story told comes from my heart, soul, and imagination. It is a very scary thing to put out into the world for all to see and judge, just as robsparkes2013, said. But, for me, I finally chose to jump off the deep end. After all those sleepless nights and hours upon hours of editing and polishing and revising, I want my work to be seen, to be read. What’s the point of pouring so much of yourself into something, just to decide not to share it with the world?

    1. I agree with you! We really write for the stories to be told, so what is the point if we don’t finally put them out there for the world to share! I can’t wait till I manage to get one of my novels to that point!

  3. I agree with that quote. You invest so much of yourself when you write. And when you edit and revise, the cuts go deeper. You give so much of your emotional life to the characters to make them come alive. And I don’t know any “birth” that isn’t accompanied by blood.

    1. Editing and revising is so terrifying! Actually I just rewrite *grins* it is less painful… of course once I finally get the story where I want it, I will have to revise and edit, that will be painful!
      Story “birth” is terribly painful, and yet ever so much fun and satisfying!

  4. I love it! I’ve always thought of books, especially old books, as the only way to communicate with the past … of talking to the dead, so to speak. We really do put a lot of ourselves into them when we try to speak to others.

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