Letters from Camp: There I was…


Wow, I just have to say… last night was amazing!  There I was, just minding my own business… working on rewriting a section, since I have been struggling so much, and chatting with a friend about life.  And wouldn’t you know it, the next thing I know I am knee deep in giant felines, and I have a couple hundred words on one of the scenes I was struggling with!  I couldn’t believe it!  I don’t even remember switching over to work on it.  I just know, one minute I was rewriting, and chatting with my friend and the next, BLAM! two hundred plus words in that new scene!  I really couldn’t be more excited!

In honor of that, I will leave you with a few words from last night!

Working together with my crew, and almost hand in hand with Kyi, we all buckle down to help the planet recover from the latest in a string of pretty bad disasters. The earthquake that took me out for a while seemed to give Kyi new purpose. Never leaving my side, as if afraid I am going to fade or pass out or something.
I can not believe the connection to him. It is almost as if we move in perfect synchronization, our movements mirroring one another without any effort. I almost feel as if we are two planets orbiting one another.
“It is because you are finally accepting it. Do you notice the difference around the two of you? How the people seem different after they have worked with you?” Kieran asks me slyly.
Reaching out I swat at him, only to hear a low rumble. Looking over to ask him what has gotten into him, I notice that it is not him I have swatted, it is in fact Árdghal. Heat flushes up my face, “I am sorry dara athair. I thought…” I trail off, not really having anything to say.
He chuffs and tackles me, rolling around like I do with Kieran, leaving me breathless and laughing. When out of no where he is flying off of me, a cat I have not seen before standing over me, rumbling. I go perfectly still, not sure what is going on, or what the newcomer is upset over.
Rumbling comes from all around me, with the new cat still standing over me, I do not dare move.
“What ever you do, hold still” Kyi’s thoughts filter quietly into my mind.
“You think” I retort, making sure he catches the eye roll that goes with it. Holding desperately to humor, anything to not think about the danger the cat represents.

What about you?!? Have you had those moments?  Times where you planned to work on one thing and found yourself magically working through another, with no knowledge of how you got there?


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