Almost Half Way

And here it is… almost half way through November, through NaNoWriMo and I have not been posting to my blog.  I could say it is that I am hard at work writing, but that is not true.  Well, I am hard at work writing, but I am also just living life, I have thought about my blog, about how I want to be writing for it, but then… I just let it go.

You know those wants, the ones that we see, we know it is part of our dream, part of our personal goals, and yet… we are just too lazy or afraid or who knows what to actually do.  That is what I have let my blog become.  Well, I am hoping to change that.  We will see wont we? *smiles*


How about a quick NaNo update…

I am actually managing to stay pretty close to par.  I have dropped below a couple times, and yet I seem to manage to bounce back up rather quickly.  So I am pretty happy with that.  I am not at the personal goal I had set for myself of over 75k, but on the bright side, I am really happy with what I am getting, I think I am actually managing to get the development, the details and the little things that I always seem to let fall to the wayside, so I will accept that.  Besides, there is still time for me to try for my personal goal, but that this point I don’t think it is going to happen.


In other news:

I am taking a couple of online MOOC’s.  One is about The Future of Storytelling and it has been very intriguing.  I am even thinking to post some of my assignments/finds here.  Share them with you all.

The second class I have been taking is Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence .  It has been a very interesting class thus far.  I am a little behind on that one what with NaNo, the other class and life which always seems to get in the way, but you should check them out.  


Well, that is all for today, I am heading back to write more for my NaNo Novel… peace out and happy writing!!!

If you check out those classes, please let me know if you join in!  They are really interesting.  Also, how are your NaNo novels coming along?  If you are not NaNoing, how goes your writing?


3 thoughts on “Almost Half Way”

  1. NaNo… I am just with the wordcount, apparently. It’ll be 15th before I’l feel that it’s halfway through NaNoWriMo.
    Online classes are a great way to learn.
    Oh, and it’s okay. Sometimes life is busy and all. Gulp down hot chocolate, and sit back. Write, than write. Want to take a break? I think you can. 🙂

    1. yes, hot chocolate is a marvelous idea!!! *grins* the online classes have been very interesting! I am rather excited, after NaNo I am intending to take several more. There are just so many available and just think of what I can learn for my writing! *grins*
      Yay for being with the word count!!! I was hoping to get ahead today considering my over 4k yesterday, buuut no such luck… there is always tomorrow! Happy writing!

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