Camp NaNo T-4 days and counting!

I have obviously been making some changes around here!  I hope that you can find everything alright.  I decided it was time to work on making all my writerly accounts match and have a more professional looking writers website.

Along with all the updates I have been working on, I am getting ready for Camp NaNo!  I am really excited for this round of Camp and hoping that I wont run into the writing issues that I did last time!  I am all set to rework Vampyres Prophecy, and hopefully get it up to where I have Mo Thuras sitting right now!  Which means a finished rough outline.  Here’s to hopin’!

I have also been working hard on getting my local writing group up and running, going to a series of workshops that I will hopefully have a chance to touch on soon, and even catching some webinars!

Sadly, my garden is still not in, because I have been so busy with other things.  What about you?  Have your summer plans changed?  Do you feel like summer has steamrolled you?  What comes next?


10 thoughts on “Camp NaNo T-4 days and counting!”

  1. Summer always steamrolls me. 😛 I’m thinking about doing Camp Nano though! Are you already in a cabin? This is my first camp, so I’m not sure exactly how it works. Gotta check out the site.

    1. I created a cabin, if you would like to join us, just leave me your nano name and I will be sure to invite you as soon as you create a project!
      I am also more than happy to answer any questions!

      1. I did sign up, and went for the random cabin thing. Can I join two or leave the one I’m in? My user name is Schvell… I’ve already created my novel, so I’m good to go.
        Thanks for your help!

      2. I think all I have to do is invite you and if you accept it will move you from the cabin you are in to my cabin. So that said, I did send you an invite, and you are more than welcome to join us! Any questions feel free to shoot them my way, and if ya join my cabin, two other NaNo veterans are in there and all of us are more than willing to help with any questions!!! As soon as camp starts I will open our cabin to the public as well, unless you have any friends you would like invited, just shoot me their names as well!

      3. I don’t know anyone else who’s joining in the camp this time around. Anyway, I just joined your cabin. Thanks for the invite. 🙂

  2. Hi, I’m JR and I was wondering, if you’re going to be blogging about Camp NaNo, if I could add you to my list of Camp NaNo bloggers. I’m creating a post including all the different Camp NaNo blogs I can find, because I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy reading about how other people are going throughout the month. It keeps me motivated. So if that’s okay, I’d like to add you to my list of bloggers for anyone else who likes to do that too.
    Thanks, JR

    1. I am hoping to, but sometimes I have trouble keeping up… this summer has been particularly crazy! You are more than welcome to add me! I enjoy reading others as well, I think it is a great motivator!!!

      1. I have trouble keeping up too, but I find I always do better if I feel like I’m doing it with other people- which is why I like to hunt out my NaNo bloggers 🙂

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