Working Hard

I have been hard at work lately!  On what you may ask, well that, my friend, is a marvelous question!  I hinted about the workshops that I am attending and all the writerly things I have going on in my life lately.  Those workshops, and of course all of the writerly goodness, have inspired me to really take stock of my life, and make goals of where I want it to go!  And more than that, to actually take steps to make it happen!

The workshops are a series by Springboard for the Arts called Work of Art:  Business Skills for Artists.  I have only been to one, which was Career Planning for Artists, but it has truly inspired me to plan in more areas of my life than just business!

vampprophstoryboardI am also hard at work on my outline for Vampyres Prophecy, and I think… I hope… I am getting somewhere on that!  Camp NaNo is right around the corner!


Where are you sitting right now?  Are you ready for camp?  Have you been learning anything new this summer?  Have you been getting out there, getting involved in your community?


4 thoughts on “Working Hard”

  1. Just getting ready for camp! I’m hoping to start classes in September though – haven’t decided exactly what I’d like to take however. It’s a toss up between more writing courses and editing.

    1. How close to ready for camp are ya? Bags all packed? or will it be a grab and dash? *grins* I am leaning between the two, myself, hehehe.
      Oh both courses sound marvelous!!! I think I would have a terrible time choosing myself! Are you taking local classes? Or something online?

      1. It has to be online. I can’t get out of the house. I’m looking at a university in Vancouver – which is on the other side of the country. 😛
        I know what I’m doing for camp. I’m going to start the sequel to the book I’m editing for publication. I have an idea what it’s going to be about… my characters may have other ideas though. My biggest problem is trying to figure out how far into the future after my first book ended to start it.

      2. online courses work best for me! I have actually found several that are free also! which is really great!
        sequels are so much fun! I more often than not have characters with other ideas, hehehe but that is what I LOVE about writing!

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